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Originally founded in 1998 Woodham Osteopaths is the longest serving Osteopathic clinic in South Woodham area.   We are conveniently located within Premier Vision in the centre of South Woodham Ferrers on Queen Elizabeth Square.


We take pride in helping our patients with shoulder pain, low back pain, sports injuries or general stiffness associated with wear and tear or osteoarthritis.  It is not necessary to be referred by your GP if you are want to address your problem promptly . We also have a keen interest in lower back pain associated with pregnancy.   Our gentle approach encourages your body to adapt to the changes which take place during  pregnancy. 


Osteopathy is a gentle form of physical therapy and uses soft tissue massage, stretching and manipulative techniques to promote full biomechanical function.  Please feel free to discuss any component of the treatment with your osteopath during or prior to the consultation. 



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